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This page will let you know all you ever wanted to know about this website and it's author.  Maybe you don't want to know... In which case, may I suggest the cheese?

Site Specifications:

This site was designed for Higher-resolution, High color displays.  This means at least 1024x768 screen resolution, and 16-24bit color.  To really take advantage of it though, you might want to try 32bit (or True Color) mode, and a 1280x resolution.. The Big exception to this is in the photo gallery. The images there are high resolution, and hover around the 1600x1200 range, but can get as large as 3k in resolution. Viewer beware.

Scripts, Styles, etc.:

Weedhopper.org uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to format text, tables, etc. and JavaScript files to handle menus, Google ads and window scripts for image galleries. Some FrontPage components are used as well.  FONTS: I tend to bounce between fonts, but most likely to see action are: Calibri, Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, Trebuchet MS.

Browser Compatibility:

This site has been fully tested in Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, and Firefox 4.  Just like it practically always benefits you to upgrade to a better monitor and video card, the newer browser builds are generally better.  So, if you are still running an old browser (such as IE 4x or 5x  or Netscape), it's time to bite the bullet and upgrade.  I personally suggest either Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.  No browser is 100% perfect for all people, but I have found those two to be the closest thing.  Both are very customizable, both do a good job rendering pages accurately and quickly, and both are generally more secure than Internet Explorer.  Google Chrome however, due to it's blistering speed, is quickly becoming my browser of choice.

Leave me Feedback if weedhopper.org is misbehaving in your browser.
Don't forget to let me know which platform & browser (along with which browser version) you are using to view this website. If you are tech savvy, please let me know exactly what the problem is so I can look into it! - Thanks.

Design Ethics:

Ethics? Yes, ethics.  It's a small enough word, and I assume that's why so many people overlook it when it comes to designing web sites.  I, on the other hand, try to adhere to it somewhat. I have seen enough shitty looking, malfunctioning web sites to know what to avoid. Besides, I get paid to notice the pitfalls of page design and try to avoid them as if they were the plague.  Enough rant for now. :-]

When I first decided on this layout, my primary concern was to make weedhopper.org easy to navigate, be easy on the eyes, and to have a certain flow.  So where did I go wrong?  Well, with the site being constructed - in front of your eyes - it's hard to see any flow at first, but I assure you that it's here.  And as the site progresses and continues to grow, everything will become more apparent.  Besides, it's better than having a "Coming Soon" splash page up for a year.... Ahem.

Basically, the ethics I have tried to stick to are usability, no major annoying things such as pop-ups, blinking banners (let me know if the Google ads are displaying annoying stuff), and god-awful sound files that might sound good on some machines. You will also see a lack of Flash, funky-ass background images and bucket loads of useless scriptlets, java applets, custom cursors, etc.   Mainly because I don't have the time to learn Flash, and two, I just cannot stand all that other mess.  The background images thing falls under "usability" since the ones I refer to are huge in file size or are ungodly in color.

Layout Software Used:
FrontPage, Expression Web Designer, Ultra Edit

Graphic Software Used:
Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightwave 3D 9.x, Modo 301

About The Author:

So...  What's to know about me??  Well, I'll start with the vitals, and go from there.

Name: Terry Bailey
Birth Stats: 12/09/70; Longview, Texas
Profession: Webmaster, Graphic Artist
Interests: Graphic design, Digital photography, PC gaming,  - there are others, click here
Children: 1, My beautiful daughter, Alyssa.
Goals: To Spiral Out, embrace the random, witness the beauty, fathom the power...

Where I'm From - Longview

I am originally from Longview, Texas, a decent mid-sized town in Northeast Texas.  I lived there (or very near there) for the first 14 years of my life, and can't really say that I regret it at all -- Longview was and is a good place to live.  I enjoyed the climate, the fresh air (more on that later), the girls, the trees, just about everything that it had to offer.  But just like in the storybooks, all good things must come to an end - sometimes for the better.

Where I'm At - Nederland (need-er land)

We (my mother, father, and cat Tom - may he rest in peace) eventually moved to Southeast Texas in the winter of 1985, because my father had to take a job transfer.  Finding a place in Nederland we settled in, and for the most part, was/are fairly happy with our situation.  Now I do not know if you've ever had to move when you were just about to go into high school, but let me assure you that it pretty much sucks.  Having to say goodbye to lifelong friends hurts like hell, and I swore to myself that I would never ever do that again if I could help it.  Granted, we didn't move that far away, but when you are 14, and have to depend on your folks for transportation, it's hard to just travel a few hundred miles to see someone.  I didn't lose touch with my friends altogether, but since they were so much a part of my life, and since I had seen them everyday, it was like somebody yanking a security blanket away.  Friends have that affect on people, you know.

What I'm Doing -

see it drunk...I've got new friends now, got married, had a beautiful daughter, got divorced, and am on the trail to discovering myself all over again.  Other than that, I keep having birthdays.

In addition to a graphic design career which I really enjoy, I try to play hard, and play often :)  Whether it be a gaming on the pc, playing on the X-Box, or chilling with my kiddo,  I try to not think about all the little worries in the world.  I rarely ever succeed, but hey... I try.

Some Interests -

To say that art is an interest of mine is a huge understatement.  More of a driving passion, really.  But don't get me wrong... It's not something I've been able to do much of over the years.  I started dabbling in art way back, so far back in fact, that I can't recall the exact age at which I first laid a line down on paper.  I know that every child draws to some extent, but I knew at an early age that this is what I wanted to do, and do it often.  My first 'real' exposure though was not until I had reached the 6th grade, when I had elected to take art as an extra class.  Even then I realized that to further my talent/ability/skill, I needed guided instruction and practice, practice, practice.  The one thing I could not handle, however, was the assignments.  Not in the sense that I could not accomplish them, but in the sense that I did not like anyone telling me what I could or could not draw.  Rebellious youngster??  Who knows.  But what I did know was that to get the grades, I would have to give in, and draw that stupid fruit basket.  I realized later on the importance of those lessons, and sometimes wish I could go back and put more effort into them, for they lay the groundwork - Proper shading, form, composition, etc.

That was then, this is the now. This is the dawning of a new millennium, and, hell, we have computers now...  CG art (Computer Generated Artwork) has opened a whole new sort of Pandora's Box.  Imagine anything you want.. then make it in virtual 3D space.  Wow.  Then take that form and set it in motion... give it a voice.  You can play God, and get away with it without fear of being struck down with a holy bolt of lightning.  It's better than any drug ever could be.

And you wonder why I like Art  :)

Other Interests:

  • My bliss... Graphic Design:  Custom graphic and web design including 3d modeling and animation
  • Good Italian cuisine, hell any different cuisine for that matter.. Italian, Greek, Thai, Indian...
  • Muscle Cars, Imports, Exotics, and Drag Cars.. What can I say, I'm a gear-head!
  • High-budget Sci-Fi Flicks.. not so much for the plots, mainly for the effects.
  • Going to the movies with my buds.  It's nearly essential, I think.
  • TOOL concerts.
  • Mark Frost Novels...  all 2 of them.
  • Anything written by Hunter S. Thompson
  • Douglas Adams - Everything he's ever done.   I have a life philosophy based loosely on his books.  It's good stuff, that.  Damn shame he's gone now.
Well, that's enough about me and mine...

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