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My Digital Painting Gallery

Welcome to digital painting gallery. The following images are digital media images I did mostly in Photoshop.  Hopefully posting some online will prompt me to post more. And if that happens, that means I have to draw more.  And that's never a bad thing.

Do the right thing! DON'T STEAL MY ART!

Hand Drawn Digital Art:

These sketches are mostly "digital doodles" that I've done with my Wacom® tablet and a bevy of various painting programs. I pretty much suck, but oh well. I'm having fun with it!  :-)

self_profile SK1.jpg (577642 bytes) squatter.jpg (74167 bytes) skullwing.jpg (31642 bytes)
rubyeyedface.gif (77992 bytes) wight.jpg (85104 bytes) quaker.jpg (159353 bytes) chick_face.jpg (178394 bytes)
face.jpg (161634 bytes) hoggledood.jpg (109128 bytes) grudge.jpg (22284 bytes) bots.jpg (138097 bytes)
happy_little_pixels.jpg (179897 bytes) Reflections.jpg (60927 bytes) TripleSpire_fog.jpg (154641 bytes) trees.jpg (123383 bytes)
halloween.jpg (110455 bytes) fantasy_lg.jpg (270256 bytes) propulsion.jpg (52942 bytes) fuzzfloater.gif (59826 bytes)
applestudy.jpg (35041 bytes) tender.jpg (67451 bytes)    

Do the right thing! DON'T STEAL MY ART!

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