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My Traditional Sketch Gallery

Welcome to my long-overdue sketch gallery. The following images are traditional media drawings I've done mostly in spare time.  Hopefully posting some online will prompt me to post more. And if that happens, that means I have to draw more.  And that's never a bad thing.

Do the right thing! DON'T STEAL MY ART!

Hand Drawn "Traditional" Art:

Most of these pieces were done with a good ol' pencil and paper, or with alcohol rendering markers and technical pens.  Most are in their natural, untouched state, but some may have been modified for size, color, or a case of an added background. "Preacherman" and "Cthulhu" are currently the only images posted here that have been "extensively" modified.

stoned_hinge.jpg smile.jpg
outback.jpg cleatus_shack.jpg (156797 bytes) ratface.jpg (217804 bytes) Trucker_Dude_sketch.jpg (135111 bytes)
don_stroncheck.jpg (82280 bytes) wh_stone.jpg (359746 bytes) preaching_man.jpg (232558 bytes) Cthulhu.jpg (289090 bytes)

Do the right thing! DON'T STEAL MY ART!

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