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This is a personal homepage. The content and views herein are expressly the site's operators. I can not be held responsible (in any way) for any form of harm that you may experience from viewing or reading content stored on this site!!  Remember YOU were the one who came here and started clicking around!  If what you see or read bothers you, simply go away. Sorry.

Also note that my gracious host can not and will not be held responsible for any content our outbound links that you may find on this website. They are 100% unaccountable for anything found on or pertaining to www.weedhopper.org, or any of its sub-domains. Or anything.

The following is a list of questions various people have asked me regarding copyright issues and the use of my original works. I also have a more general list of Frequently Asked Questions.

A note on Copyright Laws in general.

All text and original works on this Web site are:
All Rights Reserved, Copyright © Terry Bailey
(this means "weedhopper")

But what does this mean?

Let me say this right now. I am not a lawyer, and this is not intended to replace or replicate the copyright law by any means! It is intended purely to inform anyone interested that the original works and/or text displayed on these Web pages - and probably most others(!) - is copyright of the author(s) and cannot be reproduced without permission.

In laymen's terms, the copyright law says that you cannot reproduce the original works/images (or text) on this Web page in any form whether they be altered or not, whether they make up the whole or part of the final image, website, or other project, and whether for private or commercial use without prior written consent. Essentially this limits you to viewing them only.

Now, some people may complain about this, but just think when you buy a book of original works. Although you can do is to preview the book before buying. You cannot continue to view the pictures in it unless you first buy the book. Even then, buying the book does not generally give you the right to copy it and redistribute it. Looking at these Web pages you are essentially "previewing" the original works (and related text). If you would like to purchase copies of any of the original works, I'd be more than willing to sell them to you.

Selling you the original works can also take several forms. We can sell you a copy of the original works/image for your own personal use - again, not to be copied! If you want to redistribute any of the original works then we can also sell you the rights to do this. Casual readers be warned though that this costs significantly more than buying an individual print since you would generally be doing this for commercial purposes!

For more information...

For a more detailed description of Copyright law, I have found this page to be very useful:
U.S. Patent, Trademark & Copyright Information

Q&A on Copyright Laws

Can I use your original works in my own homepage?

"NO" but I may make a deal with you. If your homepage is a personal homepage and you acknowledge the copyright by saying "Copyright © weedhopper.org, 2010" as a link to my homepage, and after you contact me requesting permission, then I may let you use it.  Below is the HTML for the hyperlink if express permission is granted:

<a href="http://www.weedhopper.org/><B>Copyright © weedhopper.org, 2010<B></a>
Note however, that we do NOT consider "official" pages or promotional sites of any sort (such as promoting a party, rave, concert, radio, etc.) a "personal homepage".

Since I can view your original works on the screen, can I print them out?

Sorry, but the answer is NO. Although if it is purely for personal use, then we probably will not object! If you want a better copy of any of the original work found here, then simply make a note of it's name or title and order it from me.

If I manipulate images or writings, or use portions of them as part of a bigger project, do the copyright laws still apply?

YES, copyrights are still in full effect. Depending on intended usage, I may let this one go provided you acknowledge the copyright and include a link - or reference - to my homepage.

Can I copy parts of your homepage, in particular the links to related Web pages?

NO. As far as the copyright law is concerned, text is little different to photographic images, renders, and the like.  With regards to the links I've included on this homepage, I've spent a fair amount of time compiling this list myself. If you wanted to allow your users access to such a list of related links, I'd much rather you put a link to my homepage. This will actually benefit us both: I get more visitors to my homepage and you don't have the headaches associated with ensuring that the list is kept up-to-date!

What is the proper way to link to weedhopper.org?

You may either provide a text link in your HTML code such as:

<a href="http://www.weedhopper.org/ target="_blank">www.weedhopper.org</a>

OR, you may provide a "Micro Button" within your site, but you must store the button on your server.  In other words, DO NOT link to the button from my server in your code. If I do find out that it is happening, you may be in for a big surprise.  I can easily change the image to something rather naughty.

The HTML code:

<a href="http://www.weedhopper.org/ target="_blank">
<Img ALT="weedhopper.org" Src="http://www.yourserver.com/WH_micro.png" border="0" width="88" height="31">

And the image:
weedhopper micro button
(right-click, save as

Soooo... My terms in a nutshell:

If you take it from Weedhopper.org (essentially from me), then you will be considered a thief.  You then stand a very good chance of being prosecuted as such, and to most likely the fullest extent of Intellectual Property (IP) laws.  (lawyers tend to like it like that.)

OR if you prefer:
Publicly available material found at Weedhopper.org is personal & original work unless otherwise stated.  Content is copyright © , Terry Bailey, Weedhopper.org except where otherwise stated.  Terry Bailey (a.k.a. weedhopper) - registered owner.

In other words, I'm covered, and you have been warned.


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