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A.J. Foyt Website Redesign

In the early months of 2001, I was blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime.  Somehow, someway, a friend of a friend (Robbie Gaines) was contacted to design the Official website for Foyt Racing Enterprises, along with pages for the individual "Foyts" and their drivers.  When it came down to "What about the graphics?" part of things, somewhere along the line, my name was whispered.  I was eventually contacted by this friend of a friend, and after I had been shown about 10 possible designs, I decided that it needed more. Or less. I really wasn't sure, but I knew enough not to turn the offer down.

After talking with the designer, I finally submitted a design of my own. It was a rough first draft, but the people in charge seemed to love it.  And that's basically how it came to be that lil' ol' me designed FoytRacing.com. Freaking unbelievable.

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Update 6/01/2007:  Looks like my claim to fame is over :(

FoytRacing.com has been once again redesigned, but not by me :(   Oh well, it was fun while it lasted (6 years!), and I'm grateful to have been given that chance.

The kickbacks :)

As an "official-type photographer and graphic designer for the official-type website", I was handed two CPG (Cold Pit Garage) Passes, Two decent seat tickets, and the access to roam infield along with other cars, teams, etc. during the June 9th, 2001 Casino Magic 500 race.  Needless to say, it was absolutely awesome.  The actual money part wasn't too bad either.  The following are just a few of the pictures and descriptions of the highlights of this amazing adventure. Enjoy!

Cold Pit Garage Pass

Indy ticket

A close up of my Casino Magic 500 ticket. Essentials blurred out. I left the price, so those not familiar with IRL races can see how much a ticket can run.

pre-race closeup

A close up of the number 14 car at pre-race. This gives you an Idea how close I was able to get to all the action. Amazing

Me in Foyt Garage

A picture of me, perched really damn close to A.J. Foyt's primary IRL car... In the Foyt bay of the garage!

Me in Foyt Garage

This picture is of Foyt's #14 "Primary" car being rolled out of the garage area, just prior to the race. This picture was taken inside the garage, right next to the other Foyt machine.

Kroger Indy Car

OK, I know I was there to take shots of the Foyt cars, but I HAD to get in a few good shots of others. Here's a nice close shot of the #15 Kroger car.

Aerosmith Indy Car

Possibly the coolest Indy car ever. Too bad this was the best shot I could manage. People were flocked around it most of the time.

A few more "Team Foyt" shots, as well as some race action shots coming soon. (hopefully)

And as far as I know, I STILL have an invitation to tour the Foyt Racing Facilities in Houston.

I love my job.


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