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Studio 4


MMMmmm   Juicy, bud-dy!

The Schecter Stiletto Studio is by far the nicest, richest sounding, best playing, bass guitars I've had the chance to play. Which is exactly what I said about my custom 4.  ..until I bought this one. :-)

This bass is VERY solid, has a ballsy tone, AND it's completely versatile. This bass can serve every purpose I could think of, other than acoustic and.. uhm...

I bought this particular bass at Texas Music Emporium, but my love affair with Schecter Basses began after playing one of the lower-end models locally.  I considered buying the lower end bass after being really impressed with it, but figured if that model was that good, then the Stiletto Custom 4 model with the EMGs and 5 piece neck would be downright awesome.

Well, I was right.
I bought the Custom and thoroughly enjoyed it for a couple of years. Then came the neck-through Studio model.  Oh-Em-Gee. I'm in love!  The Studio adds an 18v EMG Pre-Amp along with the EMG Hz P'ups, and the Neck-thru design.  Oh, and about two more pounds as well!

I am NOT disappointed with Schecter Instruments at all.  They make some really top-notch stuff, and  I HIGHLY recommend one or two for your collection.

Sound Clip: Simple goof off (4.5mb MP3)
Recorded Direct In (totally clean), produced with Sony Acid Pro & BetaMonkey Drum Loops

Body construction
Body Material: Mahogany/Bubinga w/ Flame Maple Top
Bridge Type: Schecter Custom 4
Body Finish: Transparent Black Satin
Hardware: Black Chrome
Pickups / Electronics
Neck Pickup: EMG Hz Humbucker
Bridge Pickup: EMG Hz Humbucker
Electronics: Volume & Front-Rear Blend.
18v EMG Active 3-Band EQ
Neck construction
Neck Material: 5 piece multi-laminate Maple & Walnut - Neck-Thru
Neck Scale: 34" scale (1.5" Nut width)
Fret Type: 24 Jumbo
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fret Inlay: Offset Abalone Dots
Tuners: Sealed Schaller style by Schecter
Current Strings: D'iaddario Ground Wounds (Medium Gauge) - They are getting nice and funky now, too :D

Peavey Grind NTB4


Bang for buck, The Peavey Grind NTB can hardly be touched when compared to other neck-through instruments with similar features. And it's 5 piece neck-thru construction and choice of woods gives this bass the tone and sustain of an instrument many times it's purchase price. The Maple/Mahogany neck seems extremely stable, and was set up almost exactly how I like - with a medium to low action. 

The body is nicely contoured and is extremely comfortable either on a strap or in the lap.  The body wings are made of Imbuya, apparently also classified as a spice wood, and also known as Brazilian Walnut. It's giving off a nice aroma similar to an incense or an oil - yeah, I sniffed my bass :-) My particular bass's grain looks nothing like the picture to the left. It is more solid, with a few irregular areas. I was complaining at first, but now I really like it since I haven't seen another like it.

The tone of this instrument is very nice. The completely passive setup is also completely noiseless as far as I can tell, and is all about some big, round, warm booty. But, with tweaking the dual volume and tone knobs, you can go from warm/dark to bright to hollow tones. It's flexible, but if you are a tone tweaking freak, you may find it a little limited since there is no actual EQ onboard.

Date of Purchase: 01/30/2004

Sound Clip: N/A

Body construction
Body Material: Imbuya (Brazilian Walnut)
Bridge Type: S-Tek 4 - quick Load or Through Body
Body Finish: Natural
Hardware: Black
Pickups / Electronics
Neck Pickup: Passive Soapbar
Bridge Pickup: Passive Soapbar
Electronics: 2 volume, 2 tone
Neck construction
Neck Material: 5 piece multi-laminate Mahogony/Maple - Neck-Thru
Neck Scale: 34" scale (1.5" Nut width)
Fret Type: 24 Jumbo
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fret Inlay: Offset (edge) Pearl Dots
Tuners: Sealed Schaller Style
Current Strings: DiAddario Chromes - Light gauge Flatwound
  Features a scalloped lower horn to allow for better access to the D and G strings when slapping - not that I can slap at all.  Shipped with a free hard shell case (from certain online outlets)


Line 6 Lowdown Studio 110

Line 6 Lowdown Studio 110

One of the first bass amps from Line 6, the Low Down Studio 110 Combo Bass Amp delivers an incredible array of dialed-in, stage-perfected bass tones. While most bass combos focus on volume and clean tone, LowDown offers 4 killer bass amp models that cover everything from funk to classic rock and beyond. Plus, the oversized, high-speed power amp has incredible articulation and bottom end punch that's ideal for live or studio work.

The LowDown delivers 4 carefully crafted amp models that can take you from modern punch to a thunderous, full-on assault! Each model automatically dials up a great sound that you can change to your liking and save into a preset using the channel memories on the front panel.

Clean Inspired by the Eden Traveler*, this model is all about clean, funk, and fusion bass tone. It'll give you all the warm lows and punchy highs you need.

R & B Inspired by a 1968 B-15 Flip Top, this model is a tribute to those late 60's and early 70's clean fat bass tones. It is the kind of tone you here on most Motown recordings, as played by a pioneering young James Jamerson.

Rock - This model is inspired by the '74 Ampeg SVT. This workhorse has appeared on innumerable recordings and arena stages worldwide. And now all the tone of the 300 lb behemoth 8X10 and head is available in your combo!

Grind As the name would suggest, this is for modern rock lovers, Alice in Chains to Mudvayne and Rage Against The Machine. Based on a distorted SansAmp PSA-1 into an SVT in addition to a direct clean bass signal mixed in, this model gives you that angry, clear and punchy aggression that takes your sound to DEFCON 1.

leftThe XLR Direct Output was designed for recording or sending your sound to a house sound system when you're playing live. This output utilizes exclusive Line 6 A.I.R. processing which has made products like POD the undisputed standard for direct recording. Whether you're playing a gig in a club or rushing off to a recording session, this POD-based direct out will give you huge, mic'd amp tone everywhere you go!

Line 6 LowDown Studio 110 Combo Bass Amp Features:

  • 4 Incredible Bass Amp Models: Clean, R&B, Rock, and Grind
  • Full-time opto Compressor
  • XLR Direct Out with Line 6's exclusive A.I.R. processing
  • Preamp out
  • 4 programmable model memories
  • Headphone out
  • Jam-along CD/MP3 1/8" input
  • 10" Speaker
  • 75W
  • Footswitch jack for FBV express or FBV shortboard
  • Line 6 LowDown Studio 110 Combo Bass Amp Specifications:
  • 75W
  • 1x10" speaker
  • 12"W x 12"H x 12"D  (but sounds like 26"W x 60"H x 18"D)
  • 24 lbs.

The hype is real.. This thing is awesome!  This is by far THE BEST SOUNDING small amp I've had!


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