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Influential Bass Players

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The following list are some of the noted players that have helped add to the diverse history of the Electric Bass, and it's role in music as we know it. These are listed in alphabetical order (last name)

  • Butler, Terrence "Geezer" - Black Sabbath - Distortion, Riff Metal
  • Clarke, Stanley - seminal work in Jazz fusion in the 1970's
  • Claypool, Les - Primus, etc. - wild slap bass
  • Entwistle, John - lead bass playing, 8 string bass guitar
  • Graham, Larry - Sly & the Family Stone, Graham Central Station - Father of 'slap bass'
  • Jamerson, James - The Funk Brothers  - Motown's greatest!
  • Jones, John Paul - Led Zeppelin  'nuff said!
  • Lawson, Steve - exploiting looping technology for solo bass performances
  • McCartney, (Sir) Paul  - The Beatles/Wings/etc. - 'nuff said!
  • Manring, Michael - innovative work with multiple alternate tunings
  • Miller, Marcus - work with jazz giants like Miles Davis and solo work
  • Montgomery, Monk - first known Fender Bassist in the 1950s playing with Lionel Hampton, The Montgomery bros (with Wes) and others.
  • Palladino, Pino - fretless electric playing
  • Pastorius, Jaco - fingerstyle funk and harmonics
  • Petersson, Tom - Cheap Trick - 12 string bass guitar
  • Prestia, Rocco - Tower of Power - fingerstyle funk groove
  • Squire, Chris - Yes - lead bass & melodic pick-style
  • Wooten, Victor - Double thumb, fingerstyle technique

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