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How To Play Bass Guitar

By Ricky_Lim

Do you want to learn how to play bass guitar? It is not difficult as bass guitar is one of the simpler musical instruments to start learning. If you are just starting to learn how to play bass guitar, I would suggest to learn to play one note one at time. It is easier and will make sure you learn it the right way.

Also, I would suggest to choose a fretted bass guitar to learn how to play guitar unless you already have experienced playing other instruments. You can get the note correctly more easier if you use a fretted bass guitar.

The first step when learning how to play a bass guitar does not involve the guitar at all. Rather, you need to practice your fingers. One simple way is to try relaxing your left or right hand depending on which hand you are playing the bass guitar.

Lift your hand at a 90 degree angle from the floor. Then try lifting each finger one at a time. Do this in quick succession.

After the exercise above, pick up the bass guitar and place it on your right thigh. The strings of the bass guitar should be facing away from you. You should notice there is a slope on the body of instrument. If not, use your right or left forearm to adjust the bass guitar position on your thigh.

Hold the neck of the bass guitar with your left hand. Place your right thumb on the string that is about midway between the strings or called the E string. Then place the middle and index fingers on the D string. The D string is about two string down the E string. Pluck each in succession. It may take some time until you are comfortable with it.

There is a whole lot more about how to play bass guitar and I would not be able to cover them all in this article. But the exercise above is the very first step when I learn how to play the bass guitar.

Ricky Lim is an amateur guitarist for 6 years. Discover the best online guitar courses  recommended by Ricky. Click here to find out.

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