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Nikon D7000, and D3100 Photo Galleries



Nikon D7000 Galleries:

Independent Refining Corporation

Mary Allen's Seminary

Falstaff Brewery, Galveston TX

Nikon D3100, using a variety of lenses:

La Maison Beausoleil:

Macro and Close-Focus:


Cullen Sculpture Garden:


Olympus SP-350 days.... I was a complete noob with - what was back then - a decent point and shoot camera.

Beware of large files!

Almost all of my shots are taken at the maximum 3264x2448 resolution.
The images in the galleries have been reduced to 1600x1200 

>  Gallery 1

>  Gallery 2

>  Gallery 3

Time-Lapse Photography / Stop Motion Animation 1st attempt:

Bottle cap on desk:  QuickTime (754k)  |  Windows Media (841k)
(Loop playback for best effect)

Ten 640x480 stills taken via SP350 & mini tripod
(time-lapse mode set to 10 pics, taken 1 minute apart. basically no touch!)
- Frames arranged / rendered to AVI in Aura 2.5
- AVI loaded into Sony Acid Pro to add audio track
(distorted drum loop, and me on Bass guitar)
- Rendered out to the above files

Total project time: ~1.5h

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